1What is Mind the Lab about?
Mind the Lab is a one-day STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) awareness campaign that will take place for first time in the Metro of Athens, Greece.
2To whom is it addressed?
To all citizens, no matter their age, educational and social background or interests.
3When and where will it take place?
Mind the Lab will take place for first time on 3rd of February 2017 (09:00-23:00), in the Metro of Athens, Greece.
4Where can I find the program of the day?
The program will be announced soon in our webpage. Get an idea about what to expect here
5Who is organizing Mind the Lab initiative?
Mind the Lab is organized by the educational non-profit organization “Science Communication- SciCo” who have worked for eight years in creation of innovative and interactive activities, in the field of science communication and dissemination. Co-organizers of this initiative is the British Council and the Thechnopolis City of Athens.
6Can I participate as a volunteer?
At this phase we will not open a call for volunteers. Join us as a visitor!


1How can I participate as an exhibitor in Mind the Lab?
If you are scientist, inventor, researcher or you are just passionate with presenting scientific and technological applications, you can become an exhibitor of Mind the Lab by filling up the application form. For more details, see here.
2When will I know about the progress of my application?
Thank you very much for your participation. The organizing committee will inform you about the progress of your application on 15th January 2017 the latest.
3Is there a participation fee?
The participation fee depends on the space you will need, the station and the type of your institution/organization (For Profit/ Non-Profit/ School). For more information, please contact us at anna.jslavis@gmail.com.
4What do I need to bring during the event?
It is exhibitor’s responsibility to bring:
  • Roll-up banner of the represented organization/ body
  • Materials and tools that will be needed for the activity (PC, projector, consumables etc)
5What is it not allowed to bring?
For safety reasons and in accordance with the regulations of the Urban Rail Transport S.A. it is forbidden to bring the following:
  • Flammable or hazardous materials
  • Materials causing vapor or in liquid form
Read here the detailed safety regulations.
6What is provided to the participants?
All participants are provided with:
  • Exhibition table
  • Power supply
  • Curation and set up of exhibition booth
  • Internet connection (if necessary)